Production symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics

A bathroom manufactured in a factory that is located outside the construction zone. Fully furnished bathrooms are being installed directly in constructed or renovated buildings.

From production process to the final product

Functional value of production process

Profitability of every investment depends on various factors. The issues of greatest importance are: reasonable redistribution of financial resources and effective strategy of time management.

Experience, which the staff of Nawrocki Group has been gaining for years, resulted in developing the best production solutions that enable to optimize the investment projects of our Clients.

We administer specialized manufacture departments. Consequently, we are able to perform the whole order as part of one enterprise. As a result, every order is performed in time, according to a timetable that was set out with the Investor. Furthermore, since the cooperation with other subcontractors is not necessary, the Client reduces the risk of redistributing additional expenditures during the investment. One contractor, one bill, centralised responsibility of one subject only.

Aesthetic value of final product

Aesthetic values of buildings that serve as academic centres, retirement houses, and particularly penthouses and hotels, influence their market attractiveness.

Our Clients’ care for conceptual coherence of the interiors, attractive design and high quality of materials constitutes an unquestionable value for us. That is why, during each installation we try to perfectly match their projects and change into functional interiors, characterised by beautiful form and durable construction.

Our installations are not to be found in any catalogue. Each project is based on an individual vision of the Client. No matter if we deal with complicated room construction, or extremely sophisticated projects, we are known for our readiness to do, literally, everything.

Fast and simple process from production to assembly







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