Production symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics

Aesthetic value of the finished product

The commercial attractiveness of a product is directly related to its aesthetic value, which is fundamental for a hotel or a residence.

Prefabrication makes it possible to offer a quality of finish that is clearly superior to a traditional construction method. For example, the cutouts of materials (tiles, glass, wood, metals, etc.) are made in the factory from computers and with laser machines. The result is perfect, the ribs are respected, as wanted and validated by the architects and the client in the execution plans.

The choice of materials, the design of the project are almost unlimited, architects and customers can think their projects without constraint, we are here to verify the feasibility and implement these projects with our tools and our skills.

Prefabrication with PREFA Solutions. Why is it worth it?

Advantages of prefabrication

  • Considerable reduction in construction schedule (about 80%)
  • No skidding schedule related to the weather
  • No waste on the building site
  • Precision, quality of finishes made in the factory with more efficient tools
  • Reduction of raw material losses, each cut is calculated
  • Transport optimization (more ecological)
  • Reduced number of site workers and logistics
  • Reduction of Coordination Problems for the Project Management
  • Significant reduction of hazards and almost nonexistent reserves

The advantages of PREFA Solutions

  • Tout est fabriqué sur mesure
  • Chaque demande et spécificité du client est prise en compte, classique comme atypique
  • Suivi de l’évolution du produit dans le temps et SAV si nécessaire
  • Veille technique, remise en cause et améliorations permanentes
  • Des modules complets légers (de 600 kg à 1300 kg environ)
  • Déplacement facile du module à l’intérieur du bâtiment grâce à notre système de roulage
  • Structures modules autoportantes (sans besoin d’être fixées au bâtiment) reposant sur 4 pieds réglables sur place (écoulement douche parfait) et équipées de membranes acoustiques

Fast and simple process from production to assembly



Everything begins with the manufacture of the metal structure, a true skeleton in extremely resistant thermo lacquered steel.

Assembly and equipment

The walls, floor and ceiling are installed with high-performance products that meet local standards and customer requirements. All finishes and elements are then installed with reinforcements where necessary.

Equipping of sanitary facilities


Quality control

All cabins are tested (networks, watertightness, safety) and systematically checked before departure. After installation, each cabin is again checked on site.


Our drivers carry the cabins by semi trailer trucks. They are punctual. Unloading is very simple and fast.


The cabins are then locked in their final location by our teams, whether in new buildings under construction or buildings under renovation.

Accomplishments Overview