The best way of predicting the future is to create it

We provide services based on innovations and the highest quality standards for 5 years.

Since 2013, we have established strong and lasting partnerships with some of the world's leading hotel brands.

History has been written since 1991

In 2013, it is the meeting of 2 Entrepreneurs, all 2 experts in the building:

Pawel Nawrocki, founder of Firma Nawrocki Meble. Located in Bochnia, this factory has been making bespoke furniture for more than 25 years and to date has more than 200 hotels built in several European countries, under private or widely known brands such as Accor, Best Western, Marriott, Oceania Hotels, Okko, InterContinental Hotel Group

Marcin Witowski, founder of Design & Renovation. Located in Paris 11th and specialized in the renovation of apartments and luxury buildings for 10 years.

Pawel and Marcin decided to unite and create in Poland a company specialized in the manufacture of prefabricated bathroom modules.

This company is now called PREFA Solutions and generates around € 8 million in annual sales mainly in France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland and other countries to come.

PREFA is also a young, dynamic team in permanent reflection. Future developments are still under consideration, including the construction of a new plant in 2019 equipped with new technologies to double the production and storage capacity, as well as the development of new modular concepts.


Paweł Nawrocki

Co-owner of PREFA Solutions, Founder and owner of Nawrocki Group

Marcin Witowski

Co-owner of PREFA solutions

Since 2013 we have built strong and lasting partnerships with some of the biggest hotel brands in the world.

Prefabricated Solutions